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Host carries the largest selection of healthy snack choices. Each snack machine is stocked with 50% of the selections that meet the standards for healthy sacks. Host has 100% healthy snack programs for, youth organization and schools. Host has a snack program designed to meet the needs of your business or origination.

At Host, all of our snack machines operate with a set plan that we call our Host Snack Plan where each item has its specific designation. The Host Snack Plan allows us to always have the most popular selling items fully stocked in each machine and it also allows us to alternate the newest products on the market into each machine as quickly as they become available. The Host Snack Plan Program is designed to excite your customer’s appetite, relieve boredom and increase your machines variety.

Frito-Lay Brand Chips
Frito-Lay Brand Chips
Trail Mixes
Dried Fruits
Fruit Snacks
Nabisco Snacks
And many others...
At Host all of our snack machines are continually stocked with at least 50% of the capacity with products that meet the standards for healthy snacking.

Standards for Healthy:
Healthy Standard 35-10-35
Fat Calories must be less than 35%
Saturated Fat must be less than 10%
Sugar must be less than 35% of the total weight

Middle/High Schools:
Fat Calories must be less than 35%
Elementary Schools:
No more than 175 calories per container
Recommended Standards:
Frito-Lay -- Transfat Free Products

Host Quality Control:
All Frito-Lay Chips, contain no transfats.
All Frito-Lay brand Pretzels, baked products meet the requirements for healthy nutrition.

Snack Machine Product List
Smart Choice:
Frito-Lay Brand Chips
Frito-Lay Brand Baked Chips
Microwave Popcorn
Cheese Its
Quaker Baked Snack Mix
Kar's Salted Peanuts
Kar's Sweet-N-Salty Mix
Planters Fruit & Nut Mix
Planters Spicy Cajun Mix
Nutri-Grain Bars
Pop Tarts
Rice Crispy Treats
Snack Well Cookies
Knott's Fruit Filled Cookies
Corn Nuts
Three Musketeers
(Reduced fat)
Milky Way
Twix Caramel
Nestle Crunch
Baby Ruth
Hot Tamale
Sour Jujyfruits
Gummi Bears
Junior Mints
Welch's Fruit Snacks
Welch's Reduced Sugar Fruit Snacks
Vanilla Wafers
Nature Valley Chewy Granola
Nature Valley Chewy Granola with Yogurt
Famous Amos Cookies
Milano Cookies
Duplex Cookies
Tuna Kits
Double Beef Sticks
Cheese and Crackers
Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers
Nutter Butter Cookies
Fig Newton
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